Protect Your Kids Online For Under $70

Nearly 90% of 8-16 year olds have seen inappropriate images online. Most of them stumble upon it as a result of conducting research for their homework. With frightening numbers of pornography, child predators, and other harmful online risks, protecting your children’s online activity is a MUST.

With the following 4 features, Net Nanny Parental Controls software by ContentWatch ($62 incl GST) helps you do just that.

  1. Blocks “Mature” Games. The software scans the online game for its ESRB ratings (like movie ratings, but for computer games). If the game isn’t kid-friendly, the computer blocks it.
  2. Filters Facebook. Net Nanny can provide parents with a report on who their kids’ “friends” are, what pictures and videos they are looking at, and their Facebook Instant Message conversations.
  3. Prevents Proxy Sites From Working. Content filters work by making a “blacklist” of sites that it won’t allow. If you tried to type in a blacklisted website address, you wouldn’t get very far. But there’s a sneaky way around this called a “Proxy Server.”

    Proxy Server web addresses are usually content neutral, so users can go there without flagging the blacklist system. Once in, your child can navigate to their original blacklisted site. Net Nanny prevents this by blocking both proxy server entries and the inappropriate website itself.

  4. Keeps Parents Informed. Whenever your child is trying to gain access to something you have blocked, Net Nanny sends an e-mail notification to the parents.