Steve Jobs Is Building A Spaceship On Earth (California, USA To Be Exact)

Steve Jobs is “selling” Apple again – only this time he’s pitching the Cupertino City Council on allowing him to develop a 150-acre plot of land to build, “The best office building in the world.” This building will be home to a new Apple Campus – and without a doubt it's a very ambitious plan.

This giant building would hold 12,000 people. But that’s not what makes this project so interesting – it’s the circular design that gives it a spaceship appearance. In fact, there won’t be a single straight piece of glass on the outside.

During his presentation, it was reported that Steve Jobs wasn’t in his normal "pitch mode" we’re used to seeing on stage at Apple keynotes and events. During this presentation he was reported as being much more low-key because he knows the city council can say “No” to his project if they want to. He's still “salesy”, but doesn't use words like "magical" or "insanely great."

And yet you can still see a tough streak in his proposal. When a council member asked if Apple plans to give the city free Wi-Fi, he replied, "We're the largest taxpayers in Cupertino, so we'd like to continue to stay here and pay taxes." Obviously that can be both a benefit and threat that Apple would pack up its bags and leave if not granted this request. Other highlights about the campus:

  • The building would use its own natural gas generator as its primary source of power and the city's power grid only as a backup.
  • The building includes an auditorium for conferences giving them the ability to hold their events there instead of San Fran.
  • Apple wants to break ground next year, and move in by 2015.