A Vote for Animal Welfare

The SPCA Blue Tick is a certification scheme managed by the RNZSPCA with the aim of promoting cage-free farming and making a real difference in the industry.

The SPCA Blue Tick is a logo which is printed on packaged products to identify it is farmed to the SPCA’s high welfare standards. The brand is now a respected and must-have mark of approval in the food and farming industry. They currently have codes for Barn & Free Range Layer Hens, Free Range and Free Farmed Pigs and in May this year they added Free-Range Chicken to the scheme.

Their message is clear; choosing products with the SPCA Blue Tick is the only way to guarantee that the product you are buying is humanely farmed. With no legal definition of any farming practices in New Zealand (free-range, free-farmed or otherwise) the SPCA Blue Tick guarantees the product from paddock to plate.

How do they guarantee this? Producers and Distributors adhere to the SPCA Blue Tick high welfare standards and are regularly audited by independent auditors, with spot audits take place whenever they choose.

Of course the price of farming without cruel and inhumane cages means consumers feel they are paying more, however this is the real price of farming animals. You really are voting with your wallet each time you purchase a Blue Tick product. The more you buy the more demand on cage-free produce, which as a result changes the industry.

As a non-profit organization their goal is very transparent - to get animals out of cages! Bacon and eggs anyone?

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month Digital Pet Cam

Attention all pet lovers! Have you ever wondered what your pet sees and doeswhen you're away? Does he nap or get into all sorts of mischief? Clip on Uncle Milton’s Pet’s Eye View camera and find out!

You can choose between 1, 5, or 15-minute intervals for your pictures. The photos are taken automatically and can be uploaded to your PC or Mac via the included USB cable for easy viewing. It's lightweight, compact and simply clips right onto your pet's collar!

  • Auto-interval photo settings
  • Internal memory stores up to 40 photos
  • 640 x 480 resolution for 4" x 6" prints
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Includes USB cable for uploading photos
  • Includes rechargeable Lithium-ion 100 mAh battery.
  • Collar and the subsequent dog training you might discover you need are not included.